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Welcome to KT&G!

Korea Tomorrow & Global was founded in 1899 as an imperial agency for cigarette and ginseng. During the twentieth century, the company became prestigious name in Korea as the nation's sole cigarette and ginseng manufacturer and distributor.

KT&G is known in more than 50 countries, and its most popular brand is ESSE.

On the Russian tobacco market ESSE appeared over 15 years ago. KT&G offers high quality cigarettes in different formats with their own unique features.

Company history 

June 2008

Company establishment

August 2009

The start of factory construction

July 2009

Import of cigarettes with super-activated charcoal filter - ESSE Compact

October  2010

Start of local production

March 2011

The first production of ESSE Main line in Russia

December 2012

The launch of a ESSE Premium line with addition of Golden tobaccos

May 2013


The launch of Blooming

November 2013

Import of flavored cigarettes ESSE Café

March 2014


Start of local production of ESSE Premium line

August 2014

The launch of a modern line of cigarettes with capsule filter ESSE Exchange

February 2015

The expansion of the premium line. New SKU - ESSE Golden Leaf White

September 2015

The launch of ESSE Main line Limited Edition

December 2015

Redesign of Blooming

April 2016

The expansion of the capsule line. Import of new position– ESSE Exchange W